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I say this every single time I go through a failed attempt at a relationship, "I'm over this shit. I'm over all of it." And reality, I really am. I guess that's just me self sabotaging myself once again but screw it, I'm good at knowing myself. I'm good at not trying, I've actually made it my part time job. The other job is working a 8 hr shift on front st. I run that block, Front St. I'm well acquainted with all the johns and the other tricks are just amateurs. To run that corner is to be able to spew bullshit 24/7 (I work overtime on occasions) and do it with a twinkle in your eye. Five years in the game, you can't take me down.

Anyways to counter that rambling, I'll get back to the original topic of discussion. Relationships. I'm no good at them. They're no good to me. I cant seem to understand simple arguments and good interactions. I'm either too much or too little. Hot and cold. Push and pull. I'm just fucked. But you know what? I'm okay with it. To be 25 and content that you cant comprehend commitment and affection just makes me a bad ass, yeah a bad ass mother shut your mouth. So that's it, I'm Desiree and I'm a asshole

But that's why you like me anyways right?

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Havent smiled this big in a long time. I don't know why either. Life has just been that way.

No more shitty guys/boyfriends. Just good friends and good music.

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hey guys, Its been forever.

Heres the short end of it. I went back down to a size 28 from being a size 30. My nails currently look like this. Ive said this once before but it seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life, dating seems to go now where. I just finished dating someone for 5 months to find out I knew about 5 things about that person.

Been trying to work on getting the new site up and running, trying to find someone to help me design the new logo. Did my own boobs of the week and I kept saying why why why the entire time as I was writing it. Tons of nails did and random sex talk. If you guys havent bookmarked it please do so! It's good times and we get the most random people commenting turning the blog into more of a forum type of site.

anyways I'm content and not at all.


So I don't know how many of you are tuned in but to all those inquiries about it, Missbehave is DUNZO. I got an email from Sam (the founder) Monday letting me know the situation. It sucks cause it really was an amazing magazine and I wish it could have lasted longer.. but what can you do? I said 'thanks for the opportunity', worked on my invoice to send her, and moved on. Well today I actually start browsing through the internet and it's blasted all over.

But it's basically just a hate on hate situation. And yeah I know from alot of people that subscriptions got real fucked and it kinda made me feel a little sour about it all. Granted that whole thing should get resolved but it didn't just end there.

More and more hate just kept pouring into sam's blog about her decision. There also seemed to be an ongoing feud between Sam and Baby Sinead.
I finally couldnt keep my mouth shut on it all and sent in my comment.
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